Online Farmer’s Market: Order from this page for local pick up only.

This week we’ll be at the following farmer’s markets:

The Peterborough Community Farmer’s Market, Wednesdays 3-6 pm, 25 Elm Street, Peterborough.

The New Boston Farmer’s Market, Saturdays 10 am-1 pm, on the common by the gazebo, New Boston.

We continue to deliver to Connolly Brother’s on Thursdays and every other Tuesday.  We also offer home deliveries to the Peterborough area Thursdays and the Francestown area and Greentwist Acres on Saturdays.  Delivery of orders to Greentwist Acres will continue, even though the New Boston Farmer’s Market is starting.  Deliveries will change to Saturdays at 9 am.

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Please indicate how you would like to receive your order:

Pick-Up Location:

The Broken Bread Baking Company

at Beyond The Horizon Farm

Challah Braid...$7

Asiago Cheese Loaf...$7

Bagels...$6/6 pk. Please Choose:


English Muffin Loaf...$6

Pie!!...$15, please choose:


Sourdough Boules...$7 Please choose:

Please Choose:

Five Grain...$6


Honey Wheat...$6

Cinnamon Swirl Loaf...$6


Beyond The Horizon Farm

Pure NH Maple:

Maple Sugar Sprinkles

Maple Sprinkles- please indicate size

Sugar House Shakers Spicin' Up The Sweetness!...$6


Pure NH Maple Syrup, Quart...$20

Grade A:

Pure NH Maple Syrup, Half Gallon...$34

Grade A:

Glass Mug of Grade A Amber Maple Syrup, 16 oz....$12

Grade A:

Maple Syrup, glass flask 12 or 8 oz.

Syrup in glass- please indicate Size
Choose Grade

Find our products at the following locations:

Greentwist Acres

‘Shop the Porch’ anytime after 8 am. Saturdays and Sundays to see what they have!

253 Francestown Road, New Boston, NH



Connolly Brothers Dairy Farm

140 Webster Hwy, Temple, NH



The Francestown Village Store

Main Street, Francestown, NH


Peterborough Farmer’s Market

This Market begins April 7, 2021!

Wednesdays 3-6 pm at the Peterborough Community Center

25 Elm Street, Peterborough, NH


Francestown Farmer’s Market

This market begins April 2, 2021!

Fridays 4-7 pm

The Carriage Sheds, Francestown, NH



New Boston Farmer’s Market

This market begins June 12, 2021!

10 am- 1 pm

2-6 River Rd, New Boston, NH 03070